Church of the Three Crosses: United Church of Christ & Unted Methodist Church

Church of the Three Crosses
333 W. Wisconsin St.
Chicago, Illinois 60614
tel: 312.951.7916

Sunday Worship: 11:00 am

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Facility Information

The church building, erected during 1973-74, was designed by architect Ralph Anderson with an open floor plan.

On the ground floor, the sanctuary, parlor and fellowship area are relatively continuous with each other and provide a great deal of flexibility for church and community events.

An enclosed room in the northeast area of the ground floor, the East Room, provides a separate closed off space, although two sets of glass doors and clerestory windows provide a fairly open connection with the rest of the space. The East Room and storage space adjacent to the fellowship area contain approximately 50 folding chairs. There are four movable tables within the East Room and fellowship areas. More portable tables are available.

The ground floor also includes rest room facilities, a generously-sized coat rack, a drinking fountain, storage space, and a small kitchen with pass-through window off the fellowship area. The fellowship area is tiled which provides for easy cleanup. Care should be exercised in moving tables and chairs on the tile to avoid marring the surface.

The sanctuary is well lit during the day by ground level windows and skylights. The main sanctuary lights are on dimmer switches. The sanctuary furniture is completely portable and movable. This includes three large wooden crosses, 72 chairs, the communion table, baptismal font, pulpit and piano. Plants line the front of the sanctuary under the front skylight and are not movable. There is also a loom at the rear of the sanctuary which is not movable. For special services, there are: two seven-candle candelabras available, several pedestals for flowers, and a two-person kneeler. A front-wall projection system and speaker system is available with certain restrictions.

The building is air-conditioned and the sanctuary has several ceiling fans.

The front entrance and restrooms are handicapped accessible.

A rear parking lot holds 14 cars, and on Sundays only, is available for parking to those attending worship. During the rest of the week, the spaces are assigned. Cars parked without permission during the week may be ticketed by the Chicago police and/or towed by a towing service.

The second floor contains offices, classrooms, nursery, storage and a glassed-in balcony overlooking the sanctuary. There is a fire escape exiting directly from the nursery.

For ground floor rental information, please contact the church office. All renters and event attendees are expected to respect the building and grounds, and to honor the church’s rental policy. Any moving or rearrangement of furniture in the sanctuary needs to be approved in advance by the church office. Renters are expected to return all furniture to the original position after use.

Please note: the outdoor amphitheater and the surrounding park area to the west of the church building are not church property. This park is maintained by the Chicago Department of Transportation. Use of this park and amphitheater can be arranged through the 43rd Ward Alderman’s office.

“I was glad when they said unto me: ‘Let us go into the house of our God’.”
Psalm 90:1
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