Church of the Three Crosses: United Church of Christ & Unted Methodist Church

Church of the Three Crosses
333 W. Wisconsin St.
Chicago, Illinois 60614
tel: 312.951.7916

Sunday Worship: 11:00 am

We Welcome the LGBTQ Community

Being part of the LGBTQ community and being Christian are not mutually exclusive. Church of the Three Crosses understands the struggles many LGBTQ individuals have endured in their faith, and we welcome you into our community. Whether you felt alienated by your previous church or you've never even been a part of one, we want you to know we have an open seat for you.

Our members and leaders are LGBTQ allies, not only inviting you to worship with us, but actually working for LGBTQ rights and social justice. As a progressive congregation, we act at the local and state levels to bring change to our community, and we partner with other LGBTQ-affirming churches in Chicago to share resources and educate the public.

Please, come join us for Sunday service to experience God's equal love for all.

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